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Make your commercial spaces more accessible to both landlord and tenant with our As-Built Floor Plans and High Quality 3D Data Capture services. Through the use of our market leading technology we can assist you and your team by providing a rapid turn around time and cost effective service that will help them better manage your assets.

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Building Measurement & As-Built Floor Plans

Add a level of accuracy and understanding to your as-built floor plans with our measurement services. Our on-site technicians utilize the most advanced laser scanning hardware to capture space 20-30% faster than the competition, allowing us the ability to provide a shorter turnaround time and a more cost effective service to our clients. You can expect to receive a PDF breakdown of your floor plan as well as access to the raw AutoCAD files. BOMA standard calculations are included as well as an Area Certificate Letter, certification for your buildings measurements and standard of measurement that was used.

3D Laser Scanning (Scan to BIM / Scan to CAD) utilizes only the newest and most efficient 3D laser scanners available in market, our hardware captures space with pinpoint accuracy and detail. Every scan we complete creates a dimensional-correct digital copy of the building itself, our scanning services are great for;
-  Complex mechanical rooms and pipe fitting-  Industrial Warehouse & Office Build-Out for Retrofit Planning-  As-Built Construction Models for Fabrication & Installation-  Archival Documentation for Heritage & Preservation-  As-Built Architectural Models for Planning & Renovation 


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