Our Team Cares

3DShowing is filled with passionate professionals that love what they do.

Exterior Rendering
Exterior Rendering

Small Team Culture, Big Team Results

Our fast growing team takes pride in every project, no matter how big or small. A collective of like minded individuals with a shared passion for 3D design, we love being able to take your design and bring it to life.

Interior Rendering
Interior Rendering

Experience Matters

EXPERIENCE FIRST. This is what's on our mind every day. Whether it's our client's experience, or the experience of a potential homebuyer, we are obsessed with the experience. Experiences are what evoke emotion, which lead to decisions. So whatever we do - we make sure it's a great experience.

Listen, Improve, Listen again..

What are your pain points? What do your homebuyers care about? What could be done to make this easier for you?

These are the questions that matter to our team and we believe that a product is never fully finished. This is why we are constantly investing in industry leading solutions and constantly fostering product feedback loops to make sure our products are the very best they can be.

Still Renderings
3D Rendered Walkthroughs

Brandon Peacock

Account Executive

"Being part of a young, growing company is always exciting. It feels good working with a team that shares a common goal."


Alex Comeau

Chief Executive Officer

"We have taken the time to build out 3DShowing to have experience and integrity at scale. Having the ability to be flexible like a small company, but being able to deliver big project results, is where we shine."


Marley Georgiou

Sales Development Representative

"With 3DShowing I've been able to help companies make an impact on modernizing their online spaces - enabling them to help their potential homebuyers have an incredible online experience."

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We are always looking for passionate people to join our growing team.